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Microbiom Porridge
Microbiom Porridge
Microbiom Porridge
Microbiom Porridge

Microbiom Porridge

CHF 39.00
Inklusive Steuern.
  • Swiss Made
  • All natural ingredients
This intestinal microbiome porridge is a well-tolerated oat meal for your intestinal microbiome with organic Swiss oat flakes, milk protein, hay flower blossoms and cornflowers - free of added sugar for a healthy choice.
  • Sugar-free
  • Very easy to digest
  • With short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (SCFOS)
  • Without preservatives and additives
  • Prepared in 5 minutes
  • Vegetarian

We use fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and banana powder as a light sweetener. This FOS belong to the indigestible oligosaccharides (multiple sugars). FOS are the optimal food for our good intestinal bacteria and help to build up the intestinal flora and keep it fit.

The Microbiom Porridge is a tasty porridge, i.e. an oat meal, with a balanced recipe made from selected Swiss ingredients. Mixed with boiling water, the natural aromas develop and the organic oat flakes swell to a fine culinary delight. The oat flakes it contains are rich in beta-glucans, which help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. A positive effect can be seen from a daily intake of 3g of oat beta glucans. The formula's deep glycemic response is gentle on the pancreas.

Our MICROBIOME PORRIDGE is a unique product specially developed to promote healthy intestinal flora. It contains short-chain fructooligosaccharides that support the healthy bacteria in your gut and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Plus, it's free of added sugar and made in Switzerland, where we use only the best ingredients to ensure you get a product that's not only healthy but also tastes delicious.

Our MICROBIOME PORRIDGE is easy to prepare and can be enjoyed as a quick and nutritious breakfast or as a healthy snack between meals. It's a great way to improve your gut health while providing your body with essential nutrients.

Pour 3 heaped tablespoons (approx. 60 g) in a bowl with approx. 150 ml of hot water and leave to soak for 5 minutes.

Ingestion: As breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.
Preparation: Boil water and mix according to instructions or personal preference.

Note: Patients who are taking anticoagulants should consult their doctor before taking vitamin K preparations.

Oatmeal [CH], milk protein [CH], short-chain fructooligosaccharides [JPN], banana powder [ECU], hay flower blossoms [CH], cornflowers [CH].

Our product bags are biodegradable or home compostable. An innovation from BE THE CHANGE. After opening, you can easily close the bag again. This keeps the content fresh. After use, you can return the bag to the natural cycle in the home compost or green bin. Please note the country-specific guidelines regarding green waste collection.

No returns, only if goods are damaged or if there is an issue. Please contact us under: office@bethechange.swiss