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Orange Velvet Facial Oil
Orange Velvet Facial Oil
Orange Velvet Facial Oil
Orange Velvet Facial Oil
Gesichtspflege bei Pickeln, fettiger und unreiner Haut
Gesichtspflege bei Pickeln, fettiger und unreiner Haut
Gesichtspflege bei Pickeln, fettiger und unreiner Haut

Orange Velvet Facial Oil

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  • Locally produced in Switzerland
  • Handmade with love and care in ZH
  • Organic raw material

Developed and produced locally in Switzerland & sourced from an organic farm.

Organic & Vegan | No Chemicals | From woman to woman | 100% natural ingredients | Handmade

For hormonally induced skin impurities and redness.

Give yourself and your skin a fresh boost: ORANGE VELVET contains the best natural ingredients to prevent hormonally induced skin impurities, tighten your face, and bring out your radiance. For velvety soft skin. PERIOD.

  • Orange promotes the natural repairing function of the skin, has a firming effect, and clarifies oily skin
  • Tea tree, thyme, and cajeput have cleansing properties
  • Chamomile clears clogged pores and has a calming effect
  • Yarrow and lemon regulate oily skin and refresh your complexion
  • Jojoba oil rejuvenates your skin with Vitamin A, supports skin elasticity with Vitamin E, and absorbs quickly
  • Sunflower oil stimulates the formation of new skin cells
  • Full-spectrum CBD can regulate hormonally induced skin impurities, soothe redness, and smoothen your skin
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Cleanse your face and massage half to a full dropper of ORANGE VELVET gently into your slightly damp skin, allowing the oil to absorb quickly. Apply the facial oil once or twice a day, in the morning and/or evening.

Cosmetic product: 20 ml with 200 mg CBD and < 0.2% THC. Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Purchased, unopened items can be returned by the customer within 14 days (hereinafter referred to as the return period) from the date of receipt.

For this purpose, the customer must notify the provider within the return period of their intention to return and send back the goods to the provider. The product must be unopened and returned in its original packaging. The deadline is considered met if the customer properly packages and ships the product via Swiss Post within the return period.

The cost of returning the item is borne by the customer. If the return is declared and processed in a timely manner, the provider will refund the purchase price to the customer

Our hemp comes from the fields of a Swiss organic pioneer and is processed into CBD extract in Switzerland using gentle methods and the highest quality standards.

We do not work with cheap, questionable CBD purchased from abroad; instead, we personally know our Swiss manufacturer. They process their hemp directly after harvest using innovative production methods to create fresh CBD extract.

But it's the blend that matters: Pure CBD oil doesn't help many women as hoped and has an acquired smell. We also incorporate special women's herbs that optimally support you in combination.

We source our essential oils from a Swiss SME with decades of experience. Here, too, we prioritize the highest quality and personal interaction. Our supplier outperforms the competition in terms of organic quality, processing, and fair production by far. This is extremely important to us, even if it means digging a little deeper into our pockets for procurement.

o, our cosmetic oils consist of 100% high-quality natural oils. We do not add any supplementary or diluting substances such as alcohol or water to them. Additionally, we do not use parabens or silicones.

Our oils, depending on the product, officially have a shelf life of six to twelve months, and often even longer based on your discretion. After opening, we recommend consuming them within three months. We produce our oils in small batches to ensure they arrive as fresh as possible in your mailbox. Additionally, we do not add any artificial preservatives to our products.

Yes, CBD is approved in Switzerland and the EU as an ingredient in cosmetics. We only use full-spectrum hemp extract derived exclusively from the leaves of organically grown hemp plants in Switzerland. Our cosmetic products are not intended for ingestion but work externally through the skin or are absorbed through the oral mucosa.

No, CBD does not have psychoactive effects. Additionally, our full-spectrum hemp extract contains less than 0.2% THC. You really don't need to worry about it at all.

Please consult your doctor or physician regarding this.

Cosmetic products are not allowed to make therapeutic claims.