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Grüner Chic, faire Auswahl: Wegbereiter einer neuen Ära alltäglicher Nachhaltigkeit

We are curious
and we love sustainable innovations

Ethic&Co is thrilled to announce the launch of our exclusive Eco Innovation Lab program, meticulously crafted to support sustainable startups and introduce amazing products that simply don't exist in Switzerland.

We want to give these emerging eco-conscious brands the unique opportunity to showcase their products within our dynamic and engaged community.

Our community members gain access to these exceptional products at a great price point while playing an integral role in the product development process. By providing invaluable feedback on product packaging and sharing their candid opinions, they actively contribute to the growth of these environmentally responsible brands. Our community's feedback not only enhances the product, but it also helps startups consider aspects they may have overlooked.

But we don't stop there. Ethic&Co goes the extra mile by asking the critical questions you might have forgotten.

We're not just about spreading the word; we're here to help startups create their first content, generate attention, and possibly secure their initial customer base.

Moreover, our goal extends to building a close-knit community and fostering partnerships with local stores.

Our goal is to partner and collaborate with local eco-conscious stores that might be interested in listing some of our new eco brands.

The program is currently in the development phase. To learn more about how our program operates, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at katharina@ethicco.ch and we would love to schedule a meeting with you.

We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey.