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Grüner Chic, faire Auswahl: Wegbereiter einer neuen Ära alltäglicher Nachhaltigkeit

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Ethic & Co - Your platform for an eco-friendlier and healthier living

Hey there! Imagine a place where style meets sustainability, where your choices make a positive impact. Welcome to Ethic & Co, Switzerlands coolest online hub for your Green Lifestyle.

Here, we've curated a fantastic collection of goodies to make your day-to-day life greener. Picture this: trendy fashion, vegan kicks, yoga gear, plastic-free beauty, eco-friendly toys, and chic home décor. It's a treasure trove of all things awesome and earth-loving!

What makes us unique? Every product on Ethic & Co is a superhero in disguise, fighting for a planet-friendly cause. We follow eight sustainability rules, and our sellers spill the beans on why each product is a rockstar in the eco, fair, and social world. It's all right there in the product descriptions – transparency is our middle name!

We're not just about big brands; we're the stage for local heroes, small shops, and cool startups.

Let's talk variety! From chic outfits and accessories for you to adorable gear for little ones, from stylish home essentials to yoga goodies – we've got it all covered. It's your one-stop-shop for living the good, green life!

Oh, and guess what? When you shop through us, you're not just buying stuff; you're part of a movement. You're saying yes to a planet-friendly alternative for every conventional product. Your choices matter, and we're here to make them awesome!

And to our lovely affiliates – we've got some sweet deals for you too. Exclusive actions, a bunch of eye-catching ads, and a commission structure that's as cool as our products. Join us, and let's make the world a little greener together!

So, dive in, explore, and join the Ethic & Co family. We're not just a marketplace; we're a vibe, a lifestyle, and a celebration of all things ethical and fabulous.


The standard commission is 5% per sale, you will get your own code for your community.

Ready to spread some eco-love? Any questions? Holler at us at katharina@ethicco.ch. Cheers to a greener, happier world!