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Grüner Chic, faire Auswahl: Wegbereiter einer neuen Ära alltäglicher Nachhaltigkeit

Roots and Friends

Roots and Friends describes itself as a mindful approach to eating — plant-based - and we can only agree. Since my arrival in Zurich, Roots and Friends has been my go-to place. I'm hooked on the Drill by Bill (peanut butter shake) and their incredible juices and shots packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and everything essential for a robust immune system.

Roots and Friends boasts a clean, minimalistic space with an open kitchen where you can witness their meticulous preparation. The staff is amazing, and let's not forget the pancakes – they are simply divine! I still recall my first visit with a group of 6 friends; we practically sampled everything on the menu, from an exquisite curry made with fresh ingredients to Daal Soup and those delightful pancakes – a complete delight.

Katharina - Founder Ethic&Co

  • Vegan
  • Juice Bar/Western/European/Fast-Food/Take-out
A mindful way of eating. Plantbased. Handcrafted in Zurich

Roots and Friends in Zürich