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About Us

At Ethic & Co, we're more than just a place for eco-friendly stuff. We promise that everything we sell is made the right way—fair and square. But we're picky too. We want to bring you things that aren't just good for the planet but also look and feel amazing, like discovering hidden treasures.

What really matters to us is being open with you. You'll always know who's behind what you're buying and why they do what they do. Our big dream? To make living sustainably a part of your everyday life.

However, who would actually take on such a giant world-improving mission? Let's be honest, we're not superheroes with grandiose ideas, thinking we have only the perfect sustainable products... In the end, the most truly sustainable thing is not to consume at all. But that's just wishful thinking. So, we aim to offer the gems – the better and more sustainable alternatives, the ones with the intention to do better and with good intentions. What we want is to help you choose wisely and make caring for our world the normal thing to do, not just something special.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prove that sustainability can be beautiful, elegant, minimalistic, and stylish. As time goes on, our tastes evolve, and we're here to help you in creating a beautiful life while expressing yourself with the style you love, all in a more conscious and thoughtful way.

...we dream of a fair economy with a positive impact...

Therefore we don't stop there, our mission is impactful and the foundation of Ethic&Co is to support. We want to create a community and a place where you find vegan Restaurants & Cafés, Retreats, Eco-Hotels. Just everything that belongs to a healthier and more conscious lifestyle. So please if you feel your favorite place should be listed in our Community, let us know! A movement is always created together, we are not lonely wolves. We have so many goals how we want to help, however each at a time...If you are interested about how we want to help in the future...


Our Values

Our Team