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Eco Product Of The Week

What our customers say


Benny R.

Great marketplace where I don't have to read the fine print to make sure it's ethically made

Sophia S.

Love the hand made cute home decors that you offer. Especially since I am vegan since several years and I know the products are vegan as well.

Marina G.

Finally, a shop with amazing vegan candles and home accessories. love the ethical boho style

Lisa B.

It was about time switzerland has a marketplace with a big variety of sustainable products, just waiting on ethical yoga mats!

Explore a Diverse Range of Sustainable Products

From upcycled Apple products by Revendo to vegan chocolate with biodegradable packaging by Moonchy. Significant progress has been made in the realms of ecological and organic products, and fair trade production in recent years.

Find your everyday product or a gift for a special occasion from local producers.

Upcycled Apple products | Yummy Vegan Chocolate | Vegan Nutrition

Vegan Living: Discover the Trendiest Vegan Products

As an Eco Online Shop, we are committed to the environment. Living vegan goes beyond environmental benefits, addressing animal materials present in our daily lives, evident in leather shoes and subtly present in cosmetics.

Our sustainability criterion 'vegan' provides clarity in our assortment. Browse our Eco Online Shop for vegan products, from innovative cork bags to typical vegan items like superfood, candles, or your new favorite vegan shoes.

In our store, we only offer vegan products, except for by-products that would otherwise be discarded elsewhere.

100% vegan products: Shoes | Candles | Sportswear | Swimsuits | Cosmetics | Nutrition

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