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Lava Stone Diffusor
Lava Stone Diffusor
Lava Stone Diffusor
Lava Stone Diffusor

Lava Stone Diffusor

CHF 24.50
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  • Handcrafted with love and care
  • Pollutant-reduced manufacturing, the materials used are entirely natural
  • Can be recycled entirely

Handmade in Sweden

Unique Design |All Natural | Eco-Friendly | Handmade | Plastic Free Packaging 

Our lava stone diffuser, elegantly housed in a wooden container, draws inspiration from nature's beauty. Its stylish and minimalist design fits seamlessly into any space, whether it's your office, bathroom, bedside table, or yoga corner.

Each stone is a true masterpiece, with its own unique character and charm.

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Handmade in Sweden

Diameter: 8 cm

Height: 2.5 cm

Weight: 100 g

Each stone is a true masterpiece and has a timeless and beautiful design, with its own unique character and charm.

No electricity needed.

The natural porosity of lava makes it an ideal room diffuser.

  • Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil
  • Like refreshing eucalyptus or grounding patchouli

Watch as it absorbs the aromatic essence, only to release it slowly and gracefully.

The lava stone diffuser is a natural piece, and therefore, the design can vary slightly.

NOKO is a Scandinavian brand founded in 2021 by Anna and Rikard in the Stockholm Archipelago with the goal of creating luxurious, handmade fragrances that are environmentally friendly

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