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Reusable Organic Cotton Tea Bags
Reusable Organic Cotton Tea Bags

Reusable Organic Cotton Tea Bags

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  • Handcrafted in France
  • Pollutant - reducing manufacturing, use of natural ingredients only
  • Made of organic cotton

Handmade in France

Organic | Reusable | All Natural | Eco-Friendly | Handmade | Plastic Free Packaging 

Introducing our Reusable Organic Cotton Tea Bags, perfect for your loose leaf tea. They are as convenient as disposable tea bags but eco-friendly. Made from organic cotton, these tea bags allow you to enjoy your favorite loose tea blends without the waste. They are a sustainable and easy way to brew your tea, making every cup a conscious choice for the environment. Say goodbye to single-use tea bags and embrace the eco-friendly alternative. Enjoy your tea while reducing your ecological footprint with our reusable tea bags.

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4 x Handmade cotton tea bags

Size: 9 x 9 cm

Environmental Friendliness: Reusable tea bags reduce the amount of single-use waste created by disposable tea bags. This eco-friendly choice helps decrease the environmental impact.

Enhanced Flavor: Loose leaf tea typically offers a more robust and fresher flavor compared to pre-packaged tea bags. Using reusable bags allows you to enjoy the full flavor profile of loose tea.

Reduced Chemical Exposure: By choosing organic cotton bags, you can reduce potential exposure to chemicals often present in some disposable tea bags.

Reduction of Microplastics: Many disposable tea bags contain microplastics that can leach into your tea, whereas organic cotton bags do not have this issue.

Fill the Tea Bag: Open the reusable tea bag by gently pulling it apart at the top. Fill it with your desired amount of loose leaf tea. Generally, one to two teaspoons of loose leaf tea is a good starting point.

Close the Bag: After filling the tea bag, gather the top and cinch it closed by pulling the drawstring or fastening mechanism, ensuring that the tea is securely enclosed.

Place in Your Teapot or Cup: Put the filled and closed reusable tea bag into your teapot, teacup, or mug.

At Mijane, we take pride in our commitment to crafting the finest tea and accessories, all lovingly handmade from organic materials.

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